Pussification - Part 1

by Steve (1-7-15)

I recently read an article that some cities in the United States are banning sledding on their local hills.  They claim that sledding is by far too dangerous and is the cause for too many injuries.  You have to be kidding, ban sledding?!?!  It is five degrees outside and everything is covered in white fluffy shit, what else are kids supposed to do?  Sledding is one of the few fun activities kids can do outside in the winter without an internal combustion engine. You can only make a snow angel for so long before you get bored and if you catch your kid making a snow angel for longer than five minutes you may want to have that child tested, there is something seriously wrong with that kid.  What are we trying to do, pussify our youth?  What is next, ban bicycles, skateboards or tag?  Wait a second, most schools have already banned tag, it is by far too dangerous for kids to play during their five minute recess.  Who are these law makers that are coming up with this shit?  We need to track them down and give each one of them an atomic wedgie that they will never forget.  Do you think that one of these pussified kids is going to grow up to be a great  leader, a leader with the courage to cross the Delaware?  Not without their floaties!   Next time you drive past a local sledding hill and you see a sign posted that reads "No Sledding", pull over and grab your middle finger shaped sled from the back of your truck and ride that bitch down that snow covered hill over and over again for everyone to see.   We need to take a stand and end this pussification.