CZ Custom's Magpul Zhukov_S Yugo Stock Adapter and Stock

About a year ago, after my tax stamp was secured I started to convert a CZ Scorpoin Evo pistol into an SBR.  At that point the pistol was still new to the civilian market and the aftermarket selection of parts was still pretty thin and sketchy.  Obviously, a key component for an SBR is the stock and the OEM stock at that time was on keyboard smashing "out of stock, no backorder" status everywhere I looked.  Somehow, I came across a picture of a Scorpion with a Magpul Zhukov stock attached to it and assumed it was a Photoshop wet dream from a forum.  After a little digging, I found that it was real and the guys over at CZ Custom were responsible for this awesomeness.

ig -1063.jpg

The adapter is made out of 6061 aluminum and slides onto the back of the upper receiver using the existing stock detent.  The stock is attached to the adapter with one bolt, stupid simple and there was no fitting involved with the set I received.  The Zhukov stock folds to the right and offers index-able QD sling mounts. There is about 12-15 inches of adjustable length of pull and is beard friendly.  This stock is pretty much everything you would expect from the guys at Magpul. 

ig -1055.jpg

The main reason this stock was chosen is because there is no "drop at heel" or the heel of the stock does not fall like a traditional stock.  In this setup, the horizontal plane of the stock is in-line/parallelwith the bolt and bore of the rifle which minimizes funky recoil energy deflection.  Also note that the heel of the stock is higher then the barrel center-line.  Modern Firearms that are well known for their minimal muzzle flip share this characteristic of the bore axis being lower than the heel of the rifle.  A few good examples of firearms that use this geometry Kung Fu to their extreme advantage are the IWI Tavor/x95 and the Chiappa Rhino. 

I should mention there is a trade off with a higher stock centerline.  Depending on how big your melon is, sight height in some cases might be an issue with this setup.  Using this stock configuration with the OEM iron sights requires me to press my cheek into the stock pretty hard to get good sight alignment.  However, this setup feels almost like a custom fit with optics mounted at AR15 height.  For reference i have a size 7 7/8th baseball hat size melon. 

- Jae B.


Zhukov_S Stock Adapter

Magpul Zhukov_S Stock